Employment Testing Analysis Paper

Employment Testing Analysis Paper
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Employment Trends

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Employment Testing Analysis Paper
In my employment testing analysis report, I will share with you the different types of employment testing I have expierenced in my past with a few different companies in which I am now employed with and have been employed with in my past. I will also talk about the employment assessments and their advantages and disadvantages. Companies provide assessment information for several different reasons such as to make the company aware of the canidates not only personailty but also his or her weaknesses, interests, strengths and values and communication skills.
There are several reasons of using the assessment it would be to provide feedback to each of their employees. This would not only include the hourly hired employees, but also all employess who were to hold a management position within the companies. This feed back would include not only ones bad behavior or ones tardiness or substanchual absenties, it would also include how one would work together with his or her peers, how well they would perform their duties and their attitudes. The information for assessment may come from employees, their managers, and customers and also their peers. Most organizations also use the assis
The company that I work for (Azusa Unified School District.) does not use their assessments on a regular basis. for all new hires Azusa Unified School District will use an assessment for first six months, and when each new hire reaches his or her year anniversery, the new hires acting supervisor will then determon whether or not the newly hired person has passed his or her probation and is able to work for the company. This would also include all management personal. achievements, If any new employee has passed his or her probation, they would then have their assessments once every year. The assessments are also given to all employees including management who are to be intrested in expanding their career goals within the company.
The company places emphasis on maintaining records of the employees degrees received, certificates, courses completed, seminars and conferences attended which will have an impact in the employee??™s growth within the company. Most companies are willing to contribute an allowance to each employee who are to be intrested in getting an education to better their selves. While other companies will not contribute any amount of funding. My company for instants allows each of their employees to have an allowance of $250.00 every other year. And may I add again that I work for a school district.
There are several different types of testing of which not all companies are allowed to use. All police departments aee allowed to use a personaily test. My employeer is not allowed to give their employees nor their new hires that type of testing. Tests may be used for several different reasons, such as for each applicant a test would be used to determine if each canidate applying for any position whether it be as a clerical position, each company would want to make sure the applicant were able to spell correctly and also type a certain amount of words per minute along with a few other requirements. Another for example, If one were to be applying with a school district with the intentions of becoming a school teacher, the employer would want to make sure that the person or persons who are applying applying for the position would be capible of teaching what ever the job discripton is asking for. My school district would want to be sure that any new hire as a school teacher would be capible of knowing all subjects he or she may be teaching. Also of having the knowledge of what to do in cases when dealing with difficult students. All teachers must have the necessary skills to be able to be firm and remain a mature and also be professional at all times and have the ability be able to deal with various personalities. Maintaining a mature and professional attitude with the public while working, whether it be for a school district or any other company dealing with the public and also with ones peers will definailty make an improvemt of successfully communicating with people of all different types of not only behavior problems but also personailties of all other types.
As a school bus driver for the Azusa Unified School District, I have realize that there are all types of personailtes. In my case, I am not only dealing with the behavior of the students in which I provide transportation for to and from school on a daily basis, but also the after school activities, I am also dealing with the parents of the students. Freqiently I say to myself that I do not know who is worse, a few of the students or their parents. I am learned a lot from my expierences in dealing with both students and the parents, for instance, It is always best to speak with a calm voice and to give the student or parent a chance to speak without myself giving them an interuption. To get respect whether it be from a student or the superintendent, I must always give respect. I have also learned that the best way to get something done the right way is to do it right the first time and one would not have to take more time to do it all over again and it would in the long run it would only end up costing the company more money. It is always in the best interest of the company to save the company as much money as possible and I have also learned to never compromise integrity for what may seem to be a quick solution to the problem.
Assessing employees performance communicates feedback is essential to inform the employee of his or her needs to improve or to motivate employees to continue who provide outstanding service to the company. The importance of assessments is to provide discussions about needed improvements should end with an agreement on what the employee will do differently and by what date. Then the manager and employee should agree on a date to review the employee??™s progress towards the goal.
The advantage of evaluating an employee??™s strengths and weakness is to identify where the employee needs to improve in problem solving. Managers should work with the employee to identify the cause of the problem and reach an agreement on how to solve it. Most employees will agree that a change is needed when hearing a problem described. An employee should have an agreement on what he or she will do differently by a specific date. Setting a date gives the employee??™s added incentive to work on achieving the goal.
It is important that each type of assessment be reliable and valid due to the need of each employee to be professional and representing a positive attitude towards the company because employees whose performance is poor have neither the motivation nor the ability to perform the job may not be a good fit for the position. Employees who have high motivation are solid performers.
Ethical codes should be considered in any business and assessments which every employee is committed to demonstrating in the workplace. Employees are committed to providing quality service, excellence, diversity, opportunity, and to do the right thing, from the day they are hired by the company. Most companies have Code of Ethics which sets the standards of behavior for employee conduct. The company that I am employed by (Guardsmark Inc…) established a Code of Ethics in 1980, this document is revised annually by the entire workforce. It addresses the importance of employee relations, commitment to excellence, professionalism in the industry, employee wellness, vendor relations, community and government relations, industry commitment, and information technology. In 1996, the company was the recipient of the national American Business Ethics Award.
Human Resource Departments share a common goal which is to recruit, train and retain the most qualified candidates who demonstrates a high level of experience based on their skills and abilities to identify with the needs of the company when dealing with people. To identify what is necessary to meet the qualifications for a position, companies offer resources which include self-assessments to evaluate employee??™s strengths, weaknesses, interests, and values.
Evaluation of employee performance represents one of the most significant responsibilities of management. Employee assessments can serve as an effective tool in reinforcing quality, workmanship, and altering unacceptable workplace habits which is the ultimate goal of the company.

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