Staff and Administration
Judy L. Sigona
July 3, 2010
Instructor: Cassandra Griffin

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There are many different types of roles with the medical staff. The medical staff does consist of the doctors, the nurses, the orderlies, and the therapists. Now the two most important roles of the medical staff is to help provide the direct quality and the professional care of the individuals, and also to the administering and to help prescribe the medications to the patients. When we provide a direct type of quality and a professional type of care it is very vital for the comfortable and for the healthy recovery of that patient that is either sick or even injured. Now by giving the direct care, their medical staff could accurately assess the patient and could also devise all proper plan for that patient to help recover. With the administering of the prescribing medication for that patient would be very crucial of the survival for that patient and to help make their recovery time more comfortable and a success. All medical staff would be responsible for the making of the patient to feel comfortable as they could possible be and they should also aid in all the longevity of the patients that they have touched.
Now the medical administrations do have to run the hospital side which is the business part. The medical administration does provide the support for the personnel and it would act as the resource for all patients and all the hospitals employees. All the medical administrations do address the issues that would need the handling that is throughout the hospital to help proficient the workplace. The medical administration does all the clerical work which includes: answering the phones, they schedule the appointments, they call the patients, and they do billing, the financial responsibilities and the entire payroll. The job of the medical administration would be considered the heart of this hospital or any hospital. There is two most important parts of the medical administration and that would be the payroll and the billing. The important part of the payroll could not be understated because if they had no payroll then there would be no one that is qualified and as dedicated as the medical staff. Also if there was no medical staff then no one would be there to care for all the sick patients that need the care of the medical staff. Now the billing is very important as well because that it what brings the money into the hospital and helps pay for the services that is provided to the patients. The major part is between the hospital and the insurance companies and the rest of the billing would be between the patient and the hospital.
So the medical staff and the medical administration are a very essential part of the operation in the hospitals. Both of these have two aspects that will go hand in hand. Medical administration will provide all the professional type of environment that would help the hospital to run and the medical staff would provide the help to the patients that are sick and need the care.


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Chapter 7 Hospitals

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