Assignment 2

After 1841 the Opening of Hong Kong as a British colony, political management and development of the whole by the British, afterward Hong Kong people can participation. Early period until 80??™s governor have a big power, representatives of the British Government. Following of the The Governor are the two executive and legislature office: Executive Council and Legislative Council. Executive Council is to assist Governors the political decision-making. Called the Legislative Council, in fact that just governors advisory office, all members are appointed by the Government, so the government has absolute the power of control legislation. While 1884 it appears the first Chinese members Wu Ting Fang. Since 70??™s British Government to relax the governance of Hong Kong to allow more Hong Kong people to participate in politics, but the general public is not interested in politics, at the same time also gives the Hong Kong government greater decision-making power. At that time emerge political parties and some civil society organizations setup, and more and more. They are usually have are supporters behind these political parties or organizations, because they have a common interest and purpose. They can reflect of these supporters the general opinion and ideas but can not fully represent the views of individuals.
Now, as a China Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Hong Kongs political system has not changed much, Legislative Council members probably more than three million voters by the election, two kind of regional groups and functional constituency each has thirty seats in Legislative Council, except regional groups Directly elected by voters, other 23 functional constituency using (First Past the Post), Groups eligible voting representatives of Association of Directors of the Company or the groups they represent, professionals such as doctors, dentists, nurses, social workers, teachers, college teachers, lawyers, some law officers, accountants and IT practitioners on behalf of the members elected representatives, but these are mostly professionals or merchants, they may not be able to grasp the situation of the general people. So whether it can really reflect public opinion is a big question
In addition since reunification, the political and union had to fight for minimum wage legislation, more and more people want the minimum wage legislation, but the government is still very reserved in this respect, fear that they will affect the business environment of Hong Kongs freedom, has been evading the issue on the legislative, although over the Pressure on all sides. ???In democracies, the private-interest view of government assumes that politicians want to be elected (or re-elected). This is the public sector equivalent to the private sector assumption that businessmen try to maximize profit. Further, just as businessmen must respond to customers, and thus often are forced to do those things that the customers want, so politicians must respond to voters. This need to respond to voters can force politicians to enact those socially beneficial programs.??? Cafe de Coral Holdings earlier expressed consent of the staff at meal time is not included in working hours, indirectly, less staffs salaries and benefits, make the public resentment. More groups was initiated Stop eating Cafe de Coral, so they decided to withdraw the previous decision.

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