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The Army Training Network is a consolidated training resource site for managing training for Army units. Everything is based on the Army Field Manual, FM 7-0 – Training for Full Spectrum Operations. FM 7-0 covers the principles, systems, and management of Army training. ATN has many types of users from unit training managers down to individual Soldiers trying to further develop their own knowledge. The main function of the ATN is to facilitate the development, improvement, and implementation of Army training.
The hardware and software requirements for ATN are not any more complicated than other typical websites. ATN uses Single Sign-On SSO technology, like many other military websites, by using a military member??™s Army Knowledge Online (AKO) password. There is also an option to log-on using a Common Access Card (CAC) with a pin. Using the CAC is an option, although if you want to use this method, you must have a CAC reader installed on the computer being used. ATN works on personal computers, as well as government/military computers. It also functions with many different browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera. Recently ATN developed a mobile application called ATN2GO for android and apple devices that can be used on Smartphone or tablet PC??™s. It seems like there are a lot of Web 2.0 technologies being used on ATN like RSS, AJAX and possible Wiki??™s.
There are so many different inputs and outputs for the Army Training Network. A lot of the content is manuals or written documentation about training in the form of MS Word documents or ???PDF??? files, along with training aides like power point slide shows and videos. The input and output is usually the same, since most of what is input into the network is meant to be shared as output with everyone else on the network. For instance, a leader has a new training video about truck maintenance to share on ATN with other leaders. The leader uploads (or submits) his video to ATN; this is the input. Another leader is searching for truck maintenance and finds the new video. So he downloads it and uses it to train his mechanics. The downloaded video is the output. Read more about big three automakers crises.
???Training Products??? is probably one of the largest sections on the ATN. There are five main categories; training management, training enablers, collective training, leader development, and ???other.??? Each category has many sub-links. There is a search feature in case you cannot locate what you are looking for in the section. There is even a link provided to submit any products you have developed or discovered that you would like to share on the network.
Training management, for instance, has information on how to set up and execute a proper ???After Action Review??? (AAR). It also has examples of unit Mission Essential Task Listings (METL), and how to develop them and customize them for your own unit. And there are several more training products like training calendar and briefing examples.
Training enablers provide information on developing Composite Risk Management (CRM) evaluations, the Military Decision Making Process (MDMP), Digital Training Management System (DTMS), training Standard Operating Procedures (SOP??™s), and virtual training applications. Collective training contains numerous training guides to all types of larger unit training applications like Cultural Awareness Training, or how to build a combat outpost. Leader Development provides suggested reading lists for developing leaders in the Army, self development leader programs, and leadership guides and handbooks. It also provides many case studies for leaders to study about ethical decision making.
The Army Training Newsletter is a recurring letter that can be accessed through ATN. It provides answers to current ???hot??? issues like new developments in Army Physical Fitness, training tips from other leaders; monthly frequently asked questions with suggested answers, and update notes and software patch links for ATN technical issues. Some other great links for updated news and suggestions is the Army Training Forum, or the Army Training Blog. These are collaborative tools that can be used by leaders to share knowledge, experience, and expertise with one another.
The videos section provides many different types of training videos that can be streamed and watched on the site. There are videos on reenactments of ???situations,??? important leader topics, unit level training management, training skills, and even on wide-area security patrol videos.
The ???Ask-a-Trainer??? is a communications tool that can be used to submit inquiries or issues to a professional trainer, along with your contact information for answers or suggestions to them. Suggestions for improvements on the look, feel, or content of any part of the ATN site can be submitted here as well.
The Knowledge Networks page is another collaborative section that provides dozens of links to Army communities that can be used to share ideas, thoughts and common practices related to training. Some of these links include in depth information about ammunition. Another ammunition link called ???Ammunition Community of Practice??? is related to information for Department of Defense (DoD) personnel, for safe ammunition operations and practices. There is also a link to the Army Training Requirements Resource System (ATRRS) which is used to maintain electronic records on training for individuals and units in the Army. The Knowledge Networks section is a continual work in progress, as it is being updated and expanded all the time.
The last major section of the Army Training Network is the Unit Training Management (UTM) section. It is an in-depth collection of tools that can be used to develop and build many items for a unit. There is a METL development tool, along with long-range and short-range planning applications, and even a risk assessment tool linked to these items. There are also links provided within this section to other areas of ATN, like the FM 7-0 manual, DTMS, and the ???Ask-a-Trainer??? communications link.
Finally, if you have any issues or concerns about the ATN that you cannot get addressed, or locate an answer to, there is a ???Contact ATN??? link to submit these issues or concerns to. This includes submitting new information to share with others on the site.

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