Accredited Online MBA Programs: Why They Matter More

Degrees from accredited online MBA programs matter more than degrees from unaccredited MBA programs. Why? The difference in accreditation status affects employer perception, credit transfer, and financial aid eligibility. Even though accreditation is a voluntary procedure, the US Department of Education does not require schools to undergo the accreditation process, it is an important consideration when deciding where to enroll for an online MBA. Why? Why is Accreditation Important? Accreditation is important for all stakeholders (students, schools, government agencies, and employers): First and foremost, it assists students in their search for suitable schools. Accreditation distinguishes between the schools that meet Read More


Pro-Life or Pro-Choice I am aware that this may be an uncomfortable topic for most people, you could even say a down right hostel conversation to have if you don’t share the same views. I have met people who are either pro-choice or pro-life and while neither group are bad people, IVe found that neither group is fully informed of the others views and facts. I feel that pro-life is the best decision to make although I do understand the pro-choice position. My feelings and thoughts come from a very personal story. My own mother could have very well made Read More

Pros and Cons of Performance Based Pay

Contrast the advantages with the disadvantages of performance – based – pay Which approach to pay do you think, would be the most beneficial to work organizations in the current economic climate. To begin this essay I would like to use the definition of what performance related pay is by Hoevemeyer : An intention to pay distinctly more to reward highly effective Job performance than you are willing to pay for good solid performance, the objective of which should be to develop a productive, efficient, effective organization (Hoevemeyer, 1989). There are many advantages and disadvantages to performance- based pay, hroughout Read More

The Bite of the Mango

The Bite of the Mango is the true story of Mariatu Kamara, a girl born in Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone, an impoverished country on the west coast of Africa, was in a horrific civil war while Mariatu was a child. Despite the poverty in her tiny rural village, Mariatu’s first few years are happy ones, filled with friends, games and chores. Mariatu’s father has two wives, neither of whom seems very pleasant. Mariatu is given to an auntie to raise, which likely would have been a great idea had the village ot been attacked by rebels. At the age of Read More

ixolate ion

ixolate ion BY vtvekshukla2709 Index Acknowledgement Introduction & Objective Theory Requirements Procedure Observation & Calculation Result of class thereby declare that this investigatory project of chemistry on “Study of presence of Oxalate Ion content in Guava fruit at different stages of ripening” is made by my own hard work and efforts under the supervision of our Chemistry Teacher Signature: Guava is a sweet, Juicy and light dark green coloured fruit, when ripe it acquires a yellow colour & has a penetrating strong scent. The fruit is rich in vitamin C & inerals. It is a rich source of oxalate and Read More

cross elasticity

CROSS ELASTICITY In economics, the cross elasticity of demand or cross-price elasticity of demand measures the responsiveness of the demand for a good to a change in the price of another good. It is measured as the percentage change in demand for the first good that occurs in response to a percentage change in price of the second good. cross elasticity for substitute products The change in the demand for a product due to the change in the price of the substitute product gives a positive value of the. Here we can see that the as price of product A Read More

The Crucible

In the novel ” The Crucible “, Honesty is what values each individual the most. It doesn’t matter what sex you are as long as you behold the power of honesty within. John proctor faces many souls that look past the asset of honesty such as Abigail Williams and Mary Warren and also encounters people that doesn’t believe one’s honesty whom are Judge Hathorne and Danforth. John Proctor and Giles corey are the only individuals that showed honesty and believes in others honest. He feels helpless when he’s in court since everyone plays the blame game on each other. John Read More

Changing World of Words: Literature in the Digital Age

Changing World of Words: Literature in the Digital Age BY AjayShukla2013 Changing World of Words: Literature in the Digital Age Turn wheresoever I may, By night or day, The things which I have seen I now can see no more. Whither is fled the visionary gleam? Where is it now, the glory and the dream? Written in a different context by William Wordsworth, the lines echo the voice of not only one but hundreds of scholars who are lamenting on the demise of literature in the digital age. Digital literature, they aver, encourages academic dishonesty, opyright infringement, cyberplagiarism etc. Peruvian-Spanish Read More

Life of Pi

Life of Pi in 2001, Yann Martel authored the fantasy adventure novel, Life of Pl. It is a story about how the narrator and his family are transporting some of the animals from their zoo, when suddenly the ship sinks, and we see how the narrator succeeds in saving the three old adult Bengal tiger, Richard Parker. Throughout the novel Martel uses numerous references to religion, when he first spots Richard Parker he says “Jesus, Mary, Muhammad and Vishnu, how good to see you Richard Parker”. The narrator also refers to his Mother as his “tender guardian angel of wisdom”. Read More


MAR205 BY ORMORELIOO PREPARED FOR: Dr. Lycourgos HadJtphants Course: MAR Domestica Ltd, is a company established and commenced operations in 1957 by its founder and acting Managing Director, Demetri N. Hadjioannou. In early stages, the Trading Company concentrated on imports and the subsequent wholesaling and distribution of Domestic Appliances & Consumer Electronics. The particular firm, pioneered in its field with an aggressive marketing and strong dealer distribution network, covering the entire island, which emerged the way for its future expansion nd achievement status As one of the first ‘registered’ Companies in Cyprus, the registration number 40, was given to Domestica Read More

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