How the Internet Has Changed World Culture

Name Instructor Course Date How the Internet Has Changed World Culture The advent of the internet was a mundane solution to a logistics problem experienced by scientists. They needed to share resources and a way to connect computers to share the resources among them presented a problem they were eager to tackle. Hence, the internet was invented to overcome this challenge. The current growth of the internet to its modern proportions was further facilitated by the World Wide Web. The web helped people access information on the internet. Since then the growth of the internet in terms of its uses Read More

The Rise and Fall of Consumer Cultures

Name: Lecturer: Course: Date: The Rise and fall of Consumer Cultures 1 The 2010 issue of the “State of the world” is purely dedicated to raising awareness on the need for the development of more environmental friendly habits that greatly influence the world in a more positive manner. The article indicated the human race currently faces many social problems that insightfully point to a much deeper systematic failing. The article refers to this failure as a prevailing cultural model that tends to promote the adaptation of lifestyles directly against the realities of finite planet. This model is referred to as Read More

Piaget’s formal operations / Elkind’s views on adolescent cognitive delvelopment

Elkind’s views on Adolescent Cognitive Development Piaget‘s formal operations stage of cognitive development Piaget’s cognitive development is a theory that defines the development of the thinking capacity of humans from the time they are born to the time they become adults. Additionally, this theory talks about the human intelligence. It mentions how the human beings think from the time they are born to the time they are adults (Rice & Dolgin, 2005). According to the theory, the thinking capacity or the intelligence of the human beings is to be continuous as the human beings grow. In this continuous process, the Read More

How the Internet Has Changed World Culture

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: How the Internet Has Changed World Culture The internet, as we know it today, started as a way to communicate ideas among scientific researchers in different geographical locations. Necessity being the mother of invention, the scientists need to share their resources spurred the innovation that has revolutionized people’s lives. Its role in the transformation of world culture is evident when comparisons are made between now and before its advent. Its impact on the world culture is both positive and negative, although the positives outweigh the detractions. The world has been reduced to a global village since Read More

The Right Fit at Zappos

The Right Fit at Zappos Name: Institution: Date: The Environment Influencing Zappos Strategy Introduction Zappos is an American online shoe retailer that came into being in 1999 when Nick Swinmurn founded it. After the establishment, there was persistence towards its growth and by 2009; it became a global online retailer alongside Amazon.Com Inc. Due to its achievements, it underwent reorganization to form ten companies. The Zappos Family of Companies manages the ten companies. The popularity of Zappos Family is because of its astounding image accredited to favorable employment conditions and appealing customer service. The company’s HR planning and implementation is Read More


Name Course Instructor Date Energy Saving at Home 1. How many compact fluorescent lamps are installed in your home? 8 2. What kind of energy improvements have you done on your home? Zero-cost changes (e.g., turning off lights) 3. If you have a ceiling fan, how many hours per day do you use it? (Average summer and winter) 1-2 hours 4. Have you tried LED lights in your home? No 5. What is your experience using spray foam insulation? Haven’t used it 6. How often do you use home clothes dryer (rather than air-drying)? 9 out of 10 loads of Read More


HOW THE GOVERNMENT SPENDS TAX PAYERS MONEY ON BORDER SECURITY Name: Course: Date: How the Government Spends Tax Payers Money on Border Security In Hidalgo, Texas, a national guard goes about his daily routine in a large capsule-perched twenty feet above a cabbage field armed with a pistol and heat detector lenses. The day is April 17 2012 and the United States government spent 110 million dollars in an endeavor to deploy 1,200 guard soldiers to uphold border security in various parts of the United States. Further west of this border, a Border and Customs Protection agent and a policeman Read More

The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Prison

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Prison Social stratification brings about adverse effects on the society as the rich in the society get to amass more wealth while the poor result in increasing their chances of imprisonment. This argument tends to allude to the aspect of the law being partial and unfair. This partiality is controlled through power and to whom the power is endowed. Standards of legality are emphasized by reigning administration, the affluent in society, the courtroom judges and the police. The above individuals determine the standards of legality while the poor Read More

Physician-Patient Relationship

Physician-Patient Relationship Name: Course: Date: Physician-Patient Relationship A doctor patient relationship is considered as a fundamental aspect in healthcare practice. It is termed as the confidence accrued by a patient because of the competence of the physician. The establishment of an appropriate and healthy relationship is based on trust between the two parties, the patient and the physician. Both the physician and the patient have responsibilities in such relationships, which ensure the success of treatment of the patient. Physician’s rights The physician is usually viewed as higher in hierarchy in comparison to the patient because of the professional credentials and Read More


Name: Course: Instructor: Date: How Technology Impacts Young People The rapid advancement in technology has helped in shaping the future of the young generation. For decades, machines have been used, but with the recent advancement, they deserve a considerable enhancement to enable better learning system. For instance, the use of computers such Internet applications that allow the youths to capitalize their greatest learning resource has been on the increase. Technology advancement has contributed to effective communication and enhanced better socialization among the youths. However, digital technology has contributed to negative and positive effects among the young generation in the modern Read More

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