Nonprofit Management to Online MBA

My daughter did not have the typical college experience; she had my granddaughter when she was only nineteen years old and, while she had started her college classes, she wasn’t able to finish out the year, let alone earn her degree. Her subsequent marriage didn’t last and before long she and her daughter were living back at home with us – the entire family pitching in to try to make things work. She found a great job with a nonprofit organization and time marched on – all of us caught in the whirlwind that comes with having small children and Read More

Online MBA – Making School Convenient, Part I

Any working mother will attest to the juggling act that happens on a daily basis. There is the alarm going off seemingly seconds after you close your eyes, the breakfasts to make, the lunches to pack, the homework to check, the papers to sign, the beds to make, the house to clean, the laundry to do, the shopping run to make, the dinner to plan, the appointments to schedule, the after school activities to attend, and – oh yeah – there’s your full time job. As if you didn’t already have one. This is a lot to manage for anyone Read More

Online MBA – Making School Convenient, Part II

In the last post I talked about the schedule that most working mothers share – the craziness that doesn’t end from the time you wake up until the time you finally hit the pillow at night and pass out. It can be difficult to squeeze in time for a cup of coffee with a friend let alone attending your own school program (who has time for that when you’re helping your kids with their homework?). I was struggling to find time for myself between my family, my home, and my full time job. But I also desperately wanted to get Read More

This Time All the Way with My Nonprofit Management Degree

No matter what I plan ahead of time I always wind up having to change what I started because things somehow, some way go awry. It’s not always for the worst; things change and sometimes it turns out that it was the best thing that could have happened in the end. But it can be frustrating to put things in motion only have to turn and go in another direction. Most of this change has been because of upheaval that happened earlier in my life – having to drop out of college, moving far from home, having a baby at Read More

An Online MBA – On My List, Part I

Two years ago I lost my best friend to cancer. She was only 40 years old. I could go on and on about what a tragedy it is – and it is – but ultimately I can just imagine her saying, “oh, get on with it.” And that’s what I learned from her. We are not guaranteed all the time in the world and so we might as well get on with it; do those things we want to do now because there may not be a tomorrow. My friend truly lived her life this way and while it is Read More

Online IT Degree Saves the Day

I could not remember a time when I had been as excited as when I was preparing to go to college. I was finally done with high school and so, so ready to move on with my life; to get out of my hometown and be independent. Most of all I was excited about studying computers – something about which I had been passionate for some time. I reasoned that computer technology would offer me many career options in a tough economy and would give me the flexibility in terms of where I could live and the types of companies Read More

My Mom Goes Back to School for Nonprofit Management

As far back as I can remember my mother has always worked at some level of nonprofit. This was not a career that she set out to do necessarily. In fact when I was very small she was a dental hygienist. But I guess this field didn’t really appeal to her in the long term and as her kids grew she was freer to explore other industries where the hours may not have been conducive to her life of getting kids on and off the bus. She started working as a secretary in one nonprofit and has worked for many Read More

Earning an Online Business Degree Without the Chaos

Two years ago I decided to go back to school to earn my business degree. This was a huge decision for me as I had been gone from the classroom for twenty years. I had just reached a point in my career that I had hit a ceiling and really needed a degree to continue my professional pursuits. I had also reached a point in my life where I was ready to feel better about myself. I had a habit of starting projects and not finishing them. I needed to do this for myself. Unfortunately, however, my journey back to Read More

My Online MBA Program

It sounds ridiculous – in theory – to say that I squeezed a MBA program into my schedule; but it’s the truth and I couldn’t have done it without the option of working online. The online MBA program that I found was completely by accident and it was when I was doing some research online to find a local campus in which I could enroll to pursue my MBA. I had long ago graduated with my undergraduate business degree and had been working steadily in business for twenty years. At this time in my life, however, I wanted to earn Read More

Online University Degree Programs Put People Back on Track

There is nothing worse than having regrets; especially when it comes to something that you think you can’t make right. That’s how I felt about my education. I had always wanted to get my graduate degree and had always felt that it would have done wonders for my career. But there was never enough time in the day to consider going back to school and before long I was well onto other things but still nursing some serious regret at having not taken my education to the next level. Not one to want to live with regrets of any kind, Read More

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